1. These Things

From the recording Drywater Falls 1999

This acoustic version is the one we played at coffee houses in Port Hope and other live gigs around Toronto. It is as close to our sound at that time.


These Things
In the silence of other days
I cannot see today
In the promise of other ways
I see only yesterday

What of all the the things I used to be? (ah)
What of all the the things I thought were me? (ah)

Finding all things that used to be
Are now a part of me
You & I are not what we believed
Or what we chose to see
Even as I say these things to you
I see AH they are the the things you always knew

I’m made of nothing but lost memories
And I’m running up against things I cannot see
And we find ourselves where we’ve both been all along
where all we are is shifting sun and shadow
Music Run