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June 2023: The ultimate backstage pass! Join me, Pat Canavan as I interview Tony Wannamaker, author  of "Confessions Of A Rock'n'Roll Cameraman." A Dive deep into the world of music legends, including Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Shania Twain, Van Halen, and more. Discover the untold origins of Much Music from one of its original creators, Tony Wannamaker, who shares his incredible journey. Get ready for a thrilling ride with this web series, featuring Tony's actual footage from the 80's and 90's, offering a fun and historical glimpse into the music industry's past. Don't miss this captivating documentary experience at It's your backstage pass to #299QueenStreetWest and before that #99QueenStreetEast! You'll learn about Much Music's origins from one of the originators! 

Dec 2022: I Like Christmas Single and Music Video is available now  Click Here to see!

July 2020:

I've got a great crew put together for a new TV Show in production. You will see it here first! 

December 2020: 
I hope you enjoyed year's Christmas song "One Red Bag (Of Hope)" It features my daughter Olivia at age 5 and age 13... check it out here.

Sept 2019: 
The Isumataq 25th anniversary album, inspired by the Inuit and the Artwork of Painter Ken Kirkby, is now out and available on 150 global sites! Written by Pat and Gary Lalonde from Honeymoon Suite. We've added 7 unreleased songs! Listen to it on Apple Music here.