1. Hey You

From the recording Newgrass 2002

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From the Album "Newgrass"


Hey You

Hey You, would you be this close to me if you never
Had any idea who I am
You’ll have to come closer to see if you can
witness what’s actually here
Your heart may forgive but your head can’t forget:
Your head is not letting me in
If your heart were opened to me you might find I’m
already waiting inside

Ah, If i could waken you now
Ah, If you could suddenly see
The walls that surround you would soon let you free

All this time it’s as if nothing passes at all,
just into and out of my sight
No distance or circumstance greater than all that lay
Hidden so deep in my soul

Ah, I am awakening Now
Ah, I am beginning to see
The walls that surround me were put there by me


Here, now, this is the only time anything matters
or makes any difference at all
Now, here in this moment, the lives that have led us
are only a memory
Here, now, where am I standing And where will I go with
My will and my freedom as guides
I’ll follow my truth and whatever may come,
Freely I’ll give it to you

Ah nothing more precious than freedom
Ah nothing more sacred than truth
The love that contains them could set us both free

Hey you, would you be this close to me if you never
had any idea who I am

Who I am