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Welcome to Pat's place of creativity Hub!

A Little about Pat:

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, home to a buzzing artistic community, Pat recently completed his brand new project, a classic Christmas single “This Christmas Day” written especially for his niece Kaelaryae (Kalara) on her very first Christmas.☃ “Looking at her face as a new born filled me with a true expression of love and hope for the future and I just had to write about it and gift it to her.” 

With guitar in hand, Pat always welcomes fans with his humorous and compelling performances.

He writes time-less memorable melodies that stir the soul. Lush harmonies and soaring vocals are the cornerstones of his music while his lyrics can be emotionally intense poetry about life, love and self-actualization. 

On songwriting, Pat says: “Few things in life come close to that moment of inspiration when a song springs forth and commands attention to become...alive.” His music catalogue has over 300 songs in styles ranging from country to rock, but he navigates genres easily, expertly incorporating blues riffs, big band grooves and sweeping orchestral passages.

“You Give Good Vegas”, which is about to be released on November 8th. The album features 14 stunning songs with compelling guitar riffs, melodic bass, infectious rhythm sections and amazing production aesthetics, echoing the work of artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Sting and Pat Metheny, among others. 

Pat is a master at creating songs that feels eclectic and forward-thinking, yet direct and catchy, merging the grit of rock with the brain of progressive and the appeal of pop. 

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