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#GonnaHaveAParty is a song I wrote for my daughter when she was 6, then a part of it was used during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and now its a PARTY song!! 

And, Who doesn't want to feel great now! 

Hi,  I am Pat Canavan, a versatile and prolific (cause I write a ton of music) artist who loves to create music, films, TV Shows and other videos. I have written over 600 songs and produced hundreds of videos for corporate clients on various media platforms. My music blends rock, pop, jazz, and new-age genres, while my videos showcase my creative vision and storytelling skills. You can explore my work on my official website or follow me on my YouTube channel. it's set up to open in a new window. Mac Safari users will have to change their settings to allow it to open in a new window.

I am an active member of the SCGC Screen Composers Guild of Canada, the CMPA, the Canadian Media Producers Association, Socan, the Canadian royalty collection organization for artists and the Songs Writers Association. 
I am also the host of Confessions of a Rock'n'Roll Cameraman, @cornrc  where I interview Award-winning D.O.P. Cameraman and one of the originators of Much Music, Canada's  Music Video Station. It was a station that influenced POP culture in the 1980s and '90s in a massive way. Tony was there like Jason Bourne armed with a camera filming pop stars and music events from around the world. Our episodes include his encounters with Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Madonna, Van Halen, Pat Canavan and U4EA because Tony shot my first hit music video, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, The Guess Who, The Rolling Stones, the list is endless. 
Plus you'll find out that Much Music was founded on a dine and dash event at Carnaval in Trinidad and Tobago. The documentary which was filmed in the early '80s featured Fox News Anchor John Roberts, known then as J.D. Roberts, and paved the way for CityTV to get the first digital music station in Canada.

 check out our Medley of the '80s show on YouTube here

I Like Christmas

About Pat

Welcome to my official website. I am an award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Screen Composer, Music Producer, Video Producer, Director, Voice Actor and occasional Actor. 
I have a rich collection of over 300 songs spanning diverse genres. Rock, Pop, AOR, and super popular Music Therapy Celestial Co-Creation and even my BabySoundAsleep series of white noise and cymatic wave acoustic resonance sleep programs. As an indie musician, I have the freedom to follow my spirit and create what is inspirational. I am fortunate to create music, films and sonic experiences that are available in 167 countries with over 230,000 streams this year alone! I have pulled my music from every streaming site except Apple. I am re mastering each one adding additional dolby Atmos and relaunching each project over 2024.

On May 17th, I am thrilled to announce my new single, "Gonna Have A Party." It's a totally fun pop tune. If you miss my music online click the music tab and you can hear every song I have released.

Beyond music, I'm honored to be the host of "Confessions of a Rock'n'Roll," a captivating YouTube series where I engage in insightful conversations with the legendary rock'n'roll cameraman, Tony Wannamaker. 

My journey in music has been one of remarkable moments. From leading prominent Canadian bands like U4EA, which scored two top 20 hits, to being a part of Tundra alongside the esteemed Gary Lalonde from Honeymoon Suite – each experience has left an indelible mark. My compositions have graced award-winning Canadian short films, as well as radio and television ads, adding a touch of melody to various mediums. I'm equally passionate about my MIC (Music In Community) outreach initiative, which strives to forge connections between music and society. Guiding aspiring songwriters at Durham College has been incredibly rewarding. 

However, my story isn't confined to music alone. I've ventured into television production, crafting captivating narratives that resonate. Shows like "Rock'n'Roll Cameraman," "90-Second Chef," and the acclaimed "PatCanMusicChan" have been a labor of love. My directorial canvas ranges from thought-provoking short films like "Stump The Guru" to a collection of mesmerizing music videos. Behind the scenes, I've had the privilege to create compelling visual and auditory content for esteemed Canadian brands including Canadian Tire, CIBC, Moen, Variety Village, and Jumpstart Charities. 

I believe that our creativity and talents are here to weave a symphony of expressions. Through voiceover work, I add a unique essence to diverse projects, infusing character through sound. Additionally, I've ventured into acting, gracing productions like "Twice in a Lifetime," "The Gavin Crawford Comedy Show," and an array of captivating commercials. 

Join me in exploring my music, engaging with my television productions, and experiencing my live performances. Stay connected as we journey together through the ever-evolving landscape of creativity.