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Hey - I'm Pat Canavan and I love writing songs. They come from the inspirations that flow through me. 
Right now you can hear my music in 114 countries on 150 streaming digital stores like APPLE MUSIC, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and the list goes on...I want it to be easy for you to hear the songs! And so there are many areas on the site for you to hear every product I've released.
Thanks for tuning in, Pat

July 23 2020. I've got a great crew put together for a new TV Show in production. You will see it here first!


December 2020:
I hope you enjoyed year's Christmas song "One Red Bag (Of Hope)" It features my daughter Olivia at age 5 and age 13... check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6rprJcyNJg

Sept 2019:
Isumataq 25th anniversary album is out and available on 150 global sites. Written by Pat and Gary Lalonde (Honeymoon Suite) inspired by the Inuit and the Artwork of Painter Ken Kirkby.  We've added 7 unreleased songs Go to your favourite location and have a listen.....https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/isumataq

A little about Pat:

Pat Canavan is the host of the fun and popular YouTube music show PatCanMusicChan. Pat has a natural talent and passion for creating and producing music. He has had top 20 Hits with his band U4EA, Scored music for two Award Winning films, Written commercial scores and songs for top Canadian Corporations. He has also Entertained many fans with the band HERE and  has 4 solo albums available here on this website and in 150 top digital spaces like iTunes. Amazon Prime, Pandora, Youtube music and Spotify through digital distributer @DistroKid.

When playing live, Pat always welcomes fans with his humorous and compelling performances.

He writes timeless melodies that stir the soul and remain memorable. Lush harmonies and soaring vocals are the cornerstones of his music while his lyrics can be emotionally intense poetry about life, love and self-actualization. 

Pat's latest work is “You Give Good Vegas”, The album features 14 stunning songs with compelling guitar riffs, melodic bass, infectious rhythm sections and amazing production aesthetics, echoing the work of artists as diverse as Sting,  Peter Gabriel and Pat Metheny, among others. 

Pat is a master at creating songs that feels eclectic and forward-thinking, yet direct and catchy, merging the grit of rock with the brain of progressive and the appeal of pop. 

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