From the recording Songs For Sale (2006)

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From Pat Canavan's Hit album Songs For Sale


Hello Call Me Bye Bye

Hello, Call Me, Bye-Bye
True friends can be, so hard to find
I’m glad to have you in my life
Hello Call Me Bye-Bye

I heard the birds this morning
Each singing out in glory
I love my life this way, they sing
Thanks for another day, and things

To keep the moment going
I choose to sing a chorus
‘bout how your love awakens me
And how you’re are such joy to me

Side to Side, Two Sides
2 Hearts, 2 Minds and Compromise
Each choice that’s made defines
Side to Side, Two Sides

And sometimes without warning
Life changes up the story
And nothing seems the same
Familiar faces change
So just in case it happens
The way to recognize me
Will be through love
I will be love
I’ll be love

Hello Call Me Bye-Bye
One moment here in time
How precious is this life?
Hello Call Me Bye-Bye